Monday, April 5, 2010

Where is the blogger now? The MB desperately needs "Decoding"

Someone much wiser than me said that mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery, it's been said many times since, and in this context I figure it bears repeating.

I have the occasional original idea on my own, but "tweaking", and IMO improving upon other peoples' ideas is more my forte, and given the prolonged absence of the infamous blogger, coupled with my recent Trademe demise, now seems as good a time as any to get plagiarising ;)

The Message Board has been plagued with random variants on text-speak, poor grammar, dodgy spelling, and hard to understand postings over it's lifetime, but just recently the indecipherable nature of the posts of one particular user has made the need for "decoding" far beyond any who have gone before her.
Unfortunately for those of us who prefer Sudoku, or logic puzzles for our daily challenge, her posting enthusiasm seems to be inversely proportional to her literacy, and anyone commenting on their lack of understanding of an incomprehensible post is likely to bring cries of "faowol" from either her, or her rabid team of cheerleaders, who seem to have decided that attack is the best form of defense.

This young woman obviously has a little more, (or was that less?), going on than just an inability to get letters in anything remotely resembling the order the rest of us are used to, as one possibly insightful member noted in the disastrous dyslexia thread, only to be jumped on by the pack. IMNSHO anyone without the cognitive function, and social awareness to work out that posting multiple photos of themselves on a newly backed horse, with their STOMACH overhanging the pommel, and sitting on the horse's wither, while their arse overhangs the cantle, and the back of the panels are obviously embedding themselves in the horse's back, is a BAD idea, needs better supervision by those that purport to love her!
But it's OK apparently, because the horse LOVES her.

Now I am the first to admit that I myself am a big fat bitch. I however, would not have hopped on that horse pictured, (or even pretty much any horse right now), and am even less likely to allow photos of my fat arse to hit the open internet.
I also trust certain people around me, should I ever have a critical lapse in cognitive function, inhibition, or sanity, to tell me straight, that I should get my fat arse off that poor horse right now, or delete that photo, BEFORE I broadcast such things to the general public. I know there are at least 3-4 people who would do so bluntly, and with love, or at least genuine like.
I also suffer no delusions regarding the horses I love VERY much. They accept me as a ranking member of their group, but I am pretty damn sure they do not "love" me the way my husband and kids do. They nicker and whinney to me, but that is because they know there's a good chance I'll bring a feedtub!

And so as not to single out ONE person, my participation in the dyslexia thread, and the few others I got to post in in my meagre week back on the boards, made me realise that I am not the only person to hold a grudge, and that some will resort to message board stalking to express their antipathy, but are too gutless to address an issue directly.
Toiletloo, from altogether too close to me unfortunately, does have a "valid" reason for her dislike of me. I chose another home for a pony of mine she was interested in, when I had informed her I had 3 homes to choose from, which supposedly messed her around hugely, despite me letting her know he was unavailable before she'd even viewed him. Apparently she has also heard all sorts of shit about me, from very "reliable" sources, like truckdrivers, who should be more professional in their conduct, and who knows who else. Funnily enough the "grapevine" reveals MANY unsavoury titbits about her, but I for the most part know gossip is usually only about 10% based in fact, and tend to ignore it.
My other MB "stalker" is a little harder to work out. Although she is not far from my original home stomping ground, I cannot pick that she has ever met me, but despite this she has suggested 1080 for me on several occasions, and obviously has quite a bee in her bonnet, as she not only "follows" me, but also posts shit about me in completely unrelated threads, that I never even participated in. Nilloh/ Pam Hollins, I would suggest at your age you might think a little more about Karma, or meeting your maker with a clear conscience, and if that doesn't bother you, just looking a little less like a bitter old lady to your peers might be a bonus ;)

And finally, just because I can here, and couldn't at the MB ...



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  2. Communication is everything. Everyone is happy to admit that it's easy to misunderstand someone's post on the mb, so why in God's name would they not make every effort to be clearly understood?
    "Guessing" what a poster is trying to say is a recipe for disaster.
    And using dyslexia as an excuse is lazy.

  3. Oh look I can say something now...
    So I'll say - Nessie, you go girl!

    Looking forward to your next opinion LOL.

  4. shit shirley......just saw the photos nessie has bought to our attention. that is one uncomfortable looking gee gee

  5. woohoo you go girl!! your presence and honesty will be truly missed on the boards.. not to mention your wealth of knowledge..

  6. Apparently some people have missed that the misspelling of "faowol" was deliberate, and intended in context to be vaguely amusing...sigh

  7. i got it, i got it.......that in fact was the bit i thought was utterly hilarious....

  8. Yes, well others aren't quite so smart and are gleeful at my "mistake".
    It's frightening isn't it?

  9. I got the misspelling bit..but couldn't figure out what it spelt and in a way it was vaguely amusing...please use spell check!! PMSL

  10. lol Nessie some people are just that thick that they cant figure out when someone is 'taking the piss' and when their not...